Friday, 11 August 2017

Family of Liverpool Player accuses Jurgen Klopp

Now this is getting beyond craziness. A player, who adored Jurgen Klopp 2-3 days ago and signed a new deal with the club to help them win trophies is getting too low to get his wish.
Liverpool mid-fielder Phillipe Coutinho first made a transfer request earlier today which was confirmed by reliable journos Paul Joyce and Chris Bascombe. But the request was rebuffed by Liverpool FC. Now, someone close to Coutinho's family has spoken that Coutinho's relationship was not good for the past six months with Klopp and he was not happy with the way he was being treated. 

A player who liked Klopp 2 days ago, now says he dislikes Klopp and wants to leave because of him? Coutinho is getting low and getting super low to get his move.
My reaction on this is let him go as it's not good to keep an unhappy player, only if we get anywhere near 130 m plus bids, we need to keep him. Next year is World Cup Year, so he might just stay here for game time.

We need to keep Barcelona and him waiting, and that might help trigger something silly from their end as well. Coutinho to Barcelona transfer might benefit us if we can sign a solid replacement.

More to follow...
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