Monday, 14 August 2017

REPORTS: Klopp is angry on Coutinho remarks.

There is a lot of drama is happening into Liverpool Football Club.

Couple of days back when FSG issued a statement that coutinho is not for sale and an hour later Coutinho handed in transfer request.

Coutinho's family remarks was 'player is not happy with the klopp.'

Relations between player and manager are not not going well in last 6 months saying coutinho has issues on his role in the team.

Reports says klopp was so annoyed and p*ssed off on Coutinho remarks calling those allegations as Bullsh*t.

It is also heard that klopp morale brought down by player actions and he is willing to get rid of him while FSG don't want to back fire their words and not willing to sell 

Let's see how's all this drama ends coming the end of window.
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