Monday, 14 August 2017

Liverpool's net spend in last 3 years is lower than Aston Villa of Championship!!!

Liverpool's transfer activities under Klopp
Salah £37m (transfer record!)
Robertson £8m
Solanke £3m
Mane £34m
Wijnaldum £25m
Karius £5m
Klavan £4m

Total £116m


Benteke £32m
Allen £14m
Ibe £16m
Skrtel £6m
Illori £4m
Smith £4m
Alberto £3.5m
Lucas £5m
Stewart £4m
Wisdom £2m

Sales £90.5m

Net spend to date £25.5m!!!

No wonder our defence has not improved over 3 years under Klopp.

How would you expect to win trophies with that kind of spending, which is less than Aston Villa in the championship!
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